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05.28 2018

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05.26 2018

Warmly celebrate Serve Energy is winning the top ten brands of PV365 photovoltaic brackets

Recently, the series of selection activities of "2018 China's Top 20 Photovoltaic Power Plants" initiated by 365 photovoltaic power station network for half a year has been successfully closed recently. Adhering to the corporate culture values of "ingenuity, quality, integrity and rigor", with its excellent market performance in the photovoltaic bracket business in the past year, Serve Energy won the "2018 Top 10 Chinese Photovoltaic Bracket Enterprises" and became one of the top ten brands of photovoltaic brackets! It is worth mentioning that the honors of "2017 Top 14 Global Bracket Enterprise Shipments" and "2016 Global Top 14 Bracket Enterprise Shipments" have also been won by our Sovo, which also means that Sovo has won the "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Photovoltaic Brackets" for three consecutive years!

04.06 2018